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Pointless Post of the Day #22

OMG! OMG! OMG! We’ve jut got a brand new laptop! It so amazing! I love it! It’s so speedy and elegant. I guess I’ll have to get used to the feel of Windows 7, huh? LOL. We got a HP G26, I think. It’s got 250GB, 3GB RAM, a not-so-good graphics card (have to replace that soon), Windows 7 Home Premium and loads of other cool things like Windows Media Centre. Heehahahahaa…

School? Not much. Normal day really. Although, the rooms at my school are named by the first letter offhand subject then a number. For instance, the Science rooms are S1, S2, S3, etc. Today was quite cool because the first 4 lessons were in E1, S1, H1 then R1! LOL! That’s how little a life I live…

But tomorrow. UUMM… Yeah. Basically we have PSHCE and we’re learning about the… dodgy stuff. Tomorrow we apparently will meet Jonny the C**d*m! (the reason I censor that out is so that the school network doesn’t block the blog. 😉 ) This little character is a… I think you know. We, according to some slightly un-reliable sources, have to stretch him over a plastic model of mans… magic wand. How EEWW-y. I can’t wait until home time… That whole thing reminds me of what I saw on the floor of the shopping centre today, outside the laptop shop. A used one… Couldn’t you at least put them in the bin?



Pointless Post of the Day #21

Well, I’ve kind of been cured of the grumpy ness that I had been consumed by yesterday. I made some graphics which cheered me up, and I didn’t do anything to y nee blog as it’s practically impossible with Blogger.

What did I make? Well, firstly I made a header I was supposed to be making and had totally forgot about for another if Raees’ websites. Secondly, I made s footer fir the same site which I actually really like. Then, lastly, I started making myself a Xat Chat Bix BG. I’ve just signed up fir Xat, you see. I felt I was a loner without one. 😉

School? French. French test, even. Listening and reading. I got 15 out of 23 total, which isn’t bad for me. About 66%, right? And annoyingly, my friend I sit with in Frech, got 21/23. GGRR…

Well, I’m afraid it’s really, really late and I still want to watch some stuff on YouTube, so bye!


Pointless Post of the Day #19

Hey! Guess what? I’ve got a new blog! This time using Blogger instead of WP. It called Club Penguin Cheats 2011, like a lot if other sites, or in other words, Dapizz CP. The URL is http://DapizzCP.BlogSpot.com/ IMPORTANT: This blog is still majorly under construction and will NOT be launched for a very long time. Please visit it though so that it can get a Top.Org rank in the top 100. I’m also submitting it to a host if other top blogging lists and gaming sites so… Yeah. I may want to hire some authors so if you feel you’re up to it, comment. Note, I’ll want decent image insertion though, and *perfect* grammar. Like meh. LULZ…

Anyhow, what happened at school? Well, of corse I ran out of will to live and died in French. Luckily someone who happened to be having IT at the same moment walked in and generously dished out all of his will to live. The classroom then came to life and just managed to hold on for the last 20 minutes. I hope that guy from IT’s ok… He kind of fainted.

Then PE. Footy. In the rain. And the wind. It’s been f*** windy lately. And the rain wasn’t exactly forgiving either. We battled the elements so hard we nearly forgot about battling the other team. Note: I have a curse, I will ALWAYS be on the bibbed team! And I mean it!

Anyway, we were soon out of the cold rain and inside the warmth of the not so warm sports changing rooms ready for break time. On the bright side, we won 8:2!

Now, what lesson next? F***! It’s music. Which, this lesson, involves me and 6 other guys singing, with no backing or anything, Forget You – Cee Lo Green – The Stroudie Mix. The Stroudie thing only relates to people who live in my area, though. Basically we edited the words to make it sound like a guy was looking at the love of his life being driven off by someone else but then seeing Merrywalks (shopping centre) and forgetting her! MehHehHeh!

The rest of the day was pretty boring and that’s about it.

MOOAGE! (the ‘age’ is pronounced ‘idge’, and is a Stroudie thing. It can be put on the end of anything!)

Pointless Post of the Day #18


Well, what shall I talk about? What did I do today? Not much. I got up at about 11 and fetched some crunchy oats and then got back into bed and watched some stuff on YouTube. Then at about 2:30 I actually got up. I seriously am getting to be a teenager! Help me! I then, pretty much, made graphics for the rest if the day. I haven’t actually made all that much. I started off with finishing the header I had began making yesterday for Club Penguin Raees. I isolated another penguin, added it on, then uploaded the header to my SkyDrive. Sent it off and I think its probably up and running now.

Then, like I often do, I did a little graphic give away, Wiibob won. I made him a banner and I’m sending him the code as I type! How intriguing!

Well, that it. The weekends already over. And I’ve got my favourite two lessons first tomorrow! French and PE! YAY! Not.



Pointless Post of the Day #17

AAHH… Saturday… So simple. Usually. Not this one.

It started the day before, when I was searching for Ray William Johnson on YouTube on my iPod and I froze. Now this happens occasionally. Everything goes a bit weird but after a couple if minutes it will come to life again. I’m fine with that. Honestly. I understand that it has a lot stored on it and that I get the most out of it. It’s not one of the newer models with the A4 processor chips, so it is laggy sometimes. But anyway, this time it froze so I put it down on the counter and busied my self with getting crunchy oats. Yum Yum. But it never un-froze. I couldn’t turn it off or anything, so I ended up going to bed with my iPod left on, frozen. Luckily, I had done the PPotD earlier. I had to go to sleep without having seen Equals Three! I still haven’t seen it. Anyway, I woke up in the morning and found that it had stayed frozen until it had eventually ran out if battery. U then lay there uselessly in bed, torn between getting up and charging my iPod or just lying and snoozing. I snoozed until I got terribly bird and got up only to find the wind all night had blown down a cable and I therefore had no electricity throughout the house. Even the fridge was getting warm… EW. Well, sooner or later, mum wanted to go to town, and seeing as I had nothing better to do, I went along. I bought some lovely black biros with XMas money, me being prone to running out at least once a week at school. I also… Then we went to Tesco and then home.

Luckily the electricity had come on so I was able to start up the PC. Unfortunately, my ‘scratch disks’ were full, meaning I couldn’t load Photoshop. Basically, you can assign certain areas of disks or certain drives as temporary space for Photoshop to store stuff when performing larger tasks like Repousse or Content Aware. I eventually managed to get Ps running and I immediately changed the search disk to the recovery drive which has a few photos on but other wise is free! At least 6GB for Photoshop’s needs. No more annoying startup problems, hopefully.

After that, I received a tweet from one o the people I’m working for to make a new header. I strait away got started. Basically, it has two lumps of snow at the bottom, then some mountains in the background and a lake. It’s looking great and I think I’m going to isolate another couple of penguins tomorrow for it. It’s going to be great!

Well, that’s it really. I need to go and watch Equals Three and stuff so bye!


Pointless Post of the Day #16

YAY! It’s Friday! At last. The week goes so fast, doesn’t it? No? What? Anyhow… Nothing really.

Had a pretty boring day really. I had Geography. But that was last lesson. Maths, that was it. Second, Art. Teacher had a go at me because the homework isn’t much use on a memory stick’. What did I have 3rd? Music? No, that was 4th. Oh, god, i don’t remember! But I do remember that I got a sweetie from my Geography teacher. I managed to keep it until about 5 paces from my house. Basically, I got on the bus, 20 minutes, walked home 10 minutes, then I lost touch with the little remaining piece of gelly stuff, nearly like in films when their rescuing a ship or plane and then they ‘lose connection’ over the deathly blue.

Anyway, I haven’t actually been on the computer yet so I haven’t made anything on Photoshop. I will tomorrow, though.




Pointless Post of the Day #15

Well, today I made another 2 graphics! How amazing is that? No? Damn you! I made an icon for this guy called Kanna (@CPKanna) and I also made a little site icon for Club Penguin Seasons. I don’t think I actually made anything else… Plan to make more tomorrow when everyone sits in the living room with the fire burning, a box of Friends DVDs spilling on to the floor and dad snoring in his reclining chair. Then me sitting there half watching Friends and half Photoshop, telling mum that I can multitask. Which, for your information, I can! Tuh!

Now, what happened in the real world? Well I had 5 lessons as usual, no duh, which were:

Design Tech.
Citizenship, alcohol and gross stuff!
And lastly, a nice old science exam. Great.

I guess the day wasn’t actually that bad. Apart from the exam… And the Citizenship… And Drama’s not that fun… Neither is Maths either, actually. Ok, it was a sh*t day!





La-la-la-la-la… Cracks… *Oh crap!* Waahh! Splatch! Dead.



Pointless Post of the Day #14

WOW! It’s the two week anniversary of the first Pointless Post of the Day! PPotD Memorial Day! Moving on…

Shorty today, again. I jeep going to bed to late… Tut, tut. Who cares. I font have any PE tomorrow, and I can just not get up for ages in the morning if I like. But then I won’t be aloud on the computer… Yeah. That’s one if the stupid rules in this house. If I’m not ‘standing on the kitchen floor’ by 8:40 I’m nit aloud on the computer, my iPod, or any other screen for the rest if the day. That’s because I apparently don’t get up if I’m not threatened. I do! I just get up at about 9:05. That leaves me plenty if time to get up, get dressed, fetch breakfast, fix toaster, re-toast bread, prepare and run for bus in 5 minutes, right?

Today I hurt my arm and it hurts.



Anyway, today I made myself a new Twitter icon. Technically I didn’t make a NEW one, but I changed the name a little, changed a few opacity-s and added a different background. You can gawp in amazement at it on my Twitter: http://Twitter.com/Dapiz/

Well, that’s it from me, fish calling and an urge for some YouTube before beddie-bies!


Oh, no, I’m meant to say goodbye before the MOO!



Pointless Post of the Day #13

I’ve had a strangely tiring day. I had IT, PE, English, Geography, and something else. Unfortunately I have Maths and DT tomorrow. That reminds me… YOU JUST LOST THE GAME! LULZ! That’s my new catchphrase now, BTW. LULZ is just so much better than the old boing LOL.

Graphics. Well, today I signed up to the new Club Penguin Digital! It’s now a totally different site! Before it was a Club Penguin chests blog where the owner and authors would simply post the cheats. but now it’s had one of the biggest makeovers ever! It a social network. A CP social network. Based on the actual FaceBook theme, it looks very similar, except better. With my wonderful header meeting your eye as you ever the page, you instantly feel an overwhelming passion and power making you sign up. It’s awesome! At the moment there’s only about 10 people signed up but believe me, it will grow, and fast.

More graphic related, I made a new BG for Club Penguin Raees, little banner fir Top.Org, which I’ll talk about later, and a couple if other little things for CPD.

Ok. Top.Org. Basically, it’s a huge leader board of websites and blogs which have signed up. I signed up today under the Blogs>Arts category and I hope to get up at the top soon. There should be a little blue thing over on the right side of this below the hit counter which has a number on it. I did only sign up an hour ago and it does say that a rank can take up to 6 hours so it might not be there yet. Take a look.

Well, as usual my fish need feeding and this post needs to actually be copied from Notes into the WordPress App which has an I credibly laggy keyboard and enough bugs to change a lightbulb!



Pointless Post of the Day #12


Today’s is going to be a short post, it’s already late because I’ve been playing laid of tis awesome game! It’s called Rat on a Skateboard and it’s based on the awesome Rat on a Scooter! I know, it’s 59p ($1) but it’s totally worth the money! Believe me…

Graphics news, I’ve finished the header for CP Digital and I think it’s probably up and on the Internet, don’t know, but I do know that my client liked it. He just tweeted me back. I also managed to make a new header for Club Penguin Raees. He wanted a new one because the Club Penguin Puffle Party 2011 is about to start. I just edited the one I had already made with the navi bar and ad-space attached to it, I don’t know whether it’s up yet, have a loom for me, will you?


You won’t will you..

Anyway, my fish and rat are calling me! Their bored and need food and playing with so, see ya!