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Pointless Post of the Day #20

Poo. I’m grumpy. I just don’t feel in a good mood. I don’t really want to post today. Can I have a day off? No? Fine, small one though, I still have to watch Equals Three, remember.

I didn’t really make any graphics today so there’s hardly anything to report there, but I will point out that I submitted my new Club Penguin cheats blog that’s still majorly under construction to Top.Org as mentioned yesterday and when I looked earlier today it was at 206 th place, which is pretty good, regarding it has nothing on it apart from a couple of trackers. Then, the amazing part, it is now at 135 th place! Most sites don’t move more than 10 places at day at tops but I moved over 70 places! Pretty cool! And I added a little hit tracker so I can see how many people visit every day.

School. Boring. Had French again and I have it tomorrow. Was supposed to revise the vocabulary for a test on Wednesday but guess what? I didn’t. I don’t give a f*** about French, because, how cock-headed it may seem, if the French want to talk to us, they’d better learn English. See? I am in a bad mood.

I also had Art. Just painting some wavey lines really.

Nothing else even mildly interesting. That’s Art for you!

Well, I’m off now.


moo… (disgruntled, grumpy moo)