Site IPs

My school recently blocked pretty much every game site in existence just a while back. So here I will post IP addresses for the greater good so people can bypass RM Safty Net Plus forever.

BE CAREFUL, DON’T GET CAUGHT! When going to these sites, go to Google and type in cache: and obviously change the IP address. This will disguise the site as Google to the network admin. – – ( doesn’t work)
Armor Games – – – –

Router (only if you know what you’re doing!) – or or

I do not hold responsibility for anything resulting in the use of these addresses at school/work. Use at your own risk.

All I have at the moment, comment for more (AGame, Addicting Games, YouTube don’t work. Unfortunately most don’t).

All IP retrieving thanks goes to

One response to “Site IPs

  • random8042

    you can find the IP address of anything by creating a batch file (.bat) that says:
    ping [the website you want] > C:\[somewhere]\info.txt
    this will create a text file in whatever folder you told it in the [somehere] place with the IP address in it. Ping also works in the command prompt but you’re more likely to get caught if you use that.

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