Pivot Stickfigure STKs

Welcome, Pivoters (if you are one), This is the page of my blog where you hopefully should be able to download my pivot stickfigure animation figures! You will download the figures in a folder of a certain category as .STKs (as if it can be anything else) file. Once you have saved the file and put the .stks where you want them simply open up Pivot Stickfigure, click File>Load Figure Type, select the figure you downloaded and enjoy. You can use them in any video you want, I have no copyrights or patents or anything and don’t worry about credit to me, most of them are pretty rubbish really!


Uzi Machine Gun

Tactical Sniper

Tactical Sniper 2 (Not As Good)

Tasar (Slightly Imaginary)

Hand Gun (Pistol)

Hand Grenade

Comic Bomb

5-Bladed Crazy Sword


Funky Spiky Guy

Shorty (The Best One)

Armoured Shorty (The same as Shorty just with a little body armour, good for war and fight animations)


I’m afraid this particular category has too many .STKs (23) for me to be bothered to put each one here and link it to my SkyDrive server. It comes as a .ZIP so be sure to un-zip it:

Props Package

Yes, I am using it. In case you don’t know what SkyDrive is it’s a very fast and reliable (not when it comes to iFrame codes though) website by the Microsoft Corporation which lets you at 25 FREE Gigabytes of storage! Awesome,because you now can have an online (public if you want) storage location to put any file type. WordPress only allows a few file extensions but SkyDrive allows anything and it can be accessed by anyone so you can now have downloads and things…

Bye, Enjoy – 😀

PS: No, my name hasn’t become Enjoy…still Dapizz…

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