Pointless Post of the Day #14

WOW! It’s the two week anniversary of the first Pointless Post of the Day! PPotD Memorial Day! Moving on…

Shorty today, again. I jeep going to bed to late… Tut, tut. Who cares. I font have any PE tomorrow, and I can just not get up for ages in the morning if I like. But then I won’t be aloud on the computer… Yeah. That’s one if the stupid rules in this house. If I’m not ‘standing on the kitchen floor’ by 8:40 I’m nit aloud on the computer, my iPod, or any other screen for the rest if the day. That’s because I apparently don’t get up if I’m not threatened. I do! I just get up at about 9:05. That leaves me plenty if time to get up, get dressed, fetch breakfast, fix toaster, re-toast bread, prepare and run for bus in 5 minutes, right?

Today I hurt my arm and it hurts.



Anyway, today I made myself a new Twitter icon. Technically I didn’t make a NEW one, but I changed the name a little, changed a few opacity-s and added a different background. You can gawp in amazement at it on my Twitter: http://Twitter.com/Dapiz/

Well, that’s it from me, fish calling and an urge for some YouTube before beddie-bies!


Oh, no, I’m meant to say goodbye before the MOO!




Pointless Post of the Day #13

I’ve had a strangely tiring day. I had IT, PE, English, Geography, and something else. Unfortunately I have Maths and DT tomorrow. That reminds me… YOU JUST LOST THE GAME! LULZ! That’s my new catchphrase now, BTW. LULZ is just so much better than the old boing LOL.

Graphics. Well, today I signed up to the new Club Penguin Digital! It’s now a totally different site! Before it was a Club Penguin chests blog where the owner and authors would simply post the cheats. but now it’s had one of the biggest makeovers ever! It a social network. A CP social network. Based on the actual FaceBook theme, it looks very similar, except better. With my wonderful header meeting your eye as you ever the page, you instantly feel an overwhelming passion and power making you sign up. It’s awesome! At the moment there’s only about 10 people signed up but believe me, it will grow, and fast.

More graphic related, I made a new BG for Club Penguin Raees, little banner fir Top.Org, which I’ll talk about later, and a couple if other little things for CPD.

Ok. Top.Org. Basically, it’s a huge leader board of websites and blogs which have signed up. I signed up today under the Blogs>Arts category and I hope to get up at the top soon. There should be a little blue thing over on the right side of this below the hit counter which has a number on it. I did only sign up an hour ago and it does say that a rank can take up to 6 hours so it might not be there yet. Take a look.

Well, as usual my fish need feeding and this post needs to actually be copied from Notes into the WordPress App which has an I credibly laggy keyboard and enough bugs to change a lightbulb!



Pointless Post of the Day #12


Today’s is going to be a short post, it’s already late because I’ve been playing laid of tis awesome game! It’s called Rat on a Skateboard and it’s based on the awesome Rat on a Scooter! I know, it’s 59p ($1) but it’s totally worth the money! Believe me…

Graphics news, I’ve finished the header for CP Digital and I think it’s probably up and on the Internet, don’t know, but I do know that my client liked it. He just tweeted me back. I also managed to make a new header for Club Penguin Raees. He wanted a new one because the Club Penguin Puffle Party 2011 is about to start. I just edited the one I had already made with the navi bar and ad-space attached to it, I don’t know whether it’s up yet, have a loom for me, will you?


You won’t will you..

Anyway, my fish and rat are calling me! Their bored and need food and playing with so, see ya!


Pointless Post of the Day #11

Today sucked like a really bad blonde. Nothing went as planned, my iPod f***ed itself up for about 20 minutes in the morning and someone was probably very close to un-following and firing me from my role as their graphics designer.

Basically, I’m making the header for the new Club Penguin Digital, or FishBook as it is at the moment. Basically, CPD used to be a normal CP cheats site but then the owners decided to make it into the first Club Penguin social network. As I’m the current official graphics designer for these guys, I was sent on a mission to make a new header for the new website, I had to be differently styled to the old one. Totally different.

So, when he asked for it, I strait away got to work on making it. But then things just came one after another.

Firstly, my dad’s selling something on eBay and it had ended yesterday. He obviously wanted to see what it had gone for, and seeing as he’s not exactly computer acquainted, I had to do the work for him. This usually involves inspecting some adverts that are obviously scams, like the new ‘Mom gets £200 an hour working for Google’. Basically, dad believes them for a while until I point out every thing wrong with the site the ads take you to. Most obviously, the fact that a Google ad may some time take you to rather… inappropriate sites… But finally we had re-listed the un-sold item and I was back to Photoshop.

Until mum wanted to go for a walk. An ‘hour or so’ walk. Of course that translates roughly as ‘a 3 hour walk’. After I had returned from that, I could continue…

For about ten minutes until a dinner had randomly been conjured up. I ate. The ate more because dad complained I don’t eat enough. Then I are a bit more because ‘there was only one spoon-ful left on the plate’. More like 20. 20 minutes later I could continue.

Then my sister wanted the laptop. She firstly checked email, fair enough, then replied to a few, verging on not fair, and then went on to look at the news she had already read and tease me by watching golf videos and other poo, not fair! She hates it but knew I wanted the computer so she had to stay on as long as possible.

Then 20 minutes after that, it’s apparently bed time! It was 9:30! Jeez! Get a life, dad! Anyway, I managed to sneak another 10 minutes while arguing but eventually he gave up and nearly unplugged the computer by the wall. Our laptop’s battery doesn’t work so I took it out. As soon as the power goes, the laptop goes with it.

Well, I guess I’ll just have to do it tomorrow. It’s absolute priority to me!



Pointless Post of the day #10

The 10th post already! How incredible is that? Not really incredible at all. Anyway, how about we throw a party to celebrate this wonderful time in history? No? BORING!

Moving on, I’ve done quite a lot today, graphics wise. Firstly, someone I had previously made a header for contacted me. ‘I’ve lost the header… Can you send it again?’ Tut, tut, tut… Luckily I had the file still so I quickly beamed it up to the SkyDrive! Then copy the link, Ow.ly-ate it and @ it off him. Little Story Moral: ALWAYS BACKUP FILES! Always!

Then I opened up Photoshop, I hadn’t actually needed it yet, and asked the two people I’m working for if they needed anything made, graphics wise. Both said no, so I went off and finger-boarded a little. After my fingers were dropping with what looked like the juice of a strawberry flavoured drink-type-thing, I went back to the PC to find that about 28.76 seconds after he had said no, one of my clients had actually asked for some thing. Forgetful clients these days! Puh! He asked for a sidebar widget title thing with Stats written on it. Sadly, I had deleted the layer template so I had to painstakingly remove the text from a stripy background, with gloss on it, so that I could put a new word on it. At last, after not actually that painstaking a 2 minutes, I was ready to upload. I did, copied the link, Ow.ly-ated it (Ow.ly is much better that Bit.ly and always will be) and sent that off.

Now I was bored with nothing to do.

So I went onto Twitter again and said, ‘Hey! First to @ me wins an icon or banner!’ That actually gathered 8 RTs and 4 people responding to me. I looked at all of the @s and the earliest won.

The lucky winner chose to have a Twitter on as his little prize, so I quickly whipped one up, one I unfortunately nearly like more than my own, and did the same upload and link process as before. (Little DP fact: http://Ow.ly/ is now my 7th most visited site on Chrome!) He didn’t say much, I guess he hasn’t been on yet since, but let’s hope that he likes it when he gets it! 😀

Now I happened to be bored, yet agian. I’d had a shower earlier and my, now wet, and consequently heavy, hair was getting annoying. I searched for about 10 minutes trying to find my beanie which, if worn correctly, keeps my hair out of my eyes, then I found it behind me on the sofa. The hat keeps the hair still as it dries, therefore drying still out of my eyes! 8)

But then I was bored and once again, meaningless and destiny-less. I did the same as before and only got 3 replies. Oh well, there’s only one needed to have a winner. This time, my customer asked for a Twitter background. I logged on to Club Penguin, got a suitable screen shot, and started making. The BG was pretty simple but that’s sort of what you want it to be, right? He seemed happy with it and then my dad said I had to go to bed. I left my iPod plugged in because it still had to charge, and then set about spending as long as I could getting a hot water bottle, brushing teeth, spending a penny, changing and then randomly standing in the kitchen for 10 minutes reading pointless rubbish in the newspaper. Finally I surrendered, there was no more I could do to extend the time my iPod could charge for. I unconnected it, turned off the computer by pulling out the plug as some sort of revenge to the PC for not charging my iPod fast enough, then plodded up to Bedfordshire (bed) wrapped in a thick, black, veil of defeat.

I’ve been writing this post ever since.



Pointless Post of the Day #9

Already nearly 10 Pointless Posts! GEEZUS! …as Ray William Johnson would put it. AAHH… I love his =3 show… Wait, I know what your thinking! No! I’m not gat, ok. Strait.

Forget that entire paragraph.

Anyways, today was really cool because I found this font that I’ve been looking for for ages! It actually just Arial Rounded MT, but I really love it, even if it does look a little like Comic Sans… I truly detest that font! Make me shiver just thinking about it!

Anyway, I love this font so much and I’m so happy I found it (Thanks to Happyace, or @MrHappyCP. Go follow him!) that I had to make a graphic for it. Now I can’t break the rules of Pointless Posting and put in a picture, by I can give you a TwitPic link.

Here: http://TwitPic.com/3UASL6

Well, I kind of got to go, it’s already half past midnight and I should be on Twitter by now! xD



PS: *Whispering* You’re about to lose The Game again…

Pointless Post of the Day #8

Ok. I’m here today not to talk about random crap or to simply annoy you until your head explodes. YOU JUST LOST THE GAME! HaHa! No, seriously, I’m here to hand over some true, valuable information which can help you on many occasions to defeat numerous dilemmas. Here it is.

Never, ever, ever, ever, EVER, buy any Dell product, no matter what. My Dell Inspiron 1501 is in such unbelievable state you would probably just though it out. I need it though. My parents keep putting it off. It’s only a laptop, guys, (not a pony or a tractor) just spend a bit money and save your sons life! Here are some outlining reason not to get the laptop I have.

-Processor. AMD are so impressively terrible, I know one of their ex-employees who said Intel are better. And that’s whilst they were working for AMD still!
-Screen. Guaranteed to break within a year and so rare spare part don’t exist even on distant planets.
-Keyboard. Key stickers wear away in a few weeks of serious typing, and believe me, graphic designers only type the odd word or sentence apart the occasional blog post.
-Windows Vista. Proclaimed to be the worst ever OS in computing history, really doesn’t complement the already miserable chances of success as a PC.
-And about another 39 billion, 348 million, 826 thousand, 769 other reasons. Not good…



Pointless Post of the Day #7

YOU JUST LOST THE GAME! HaHa! Sucka! Yes, it is the game where the only objective is to not remember it. You’re never not playing and before you’re told of it’s existence, you’re on a constant winning spree! But now you know, so that’s blown it…

That’s pretty much all I’ve been doing today. Been walking around the school playground and the library going ‘you just lost the game!’. I get a surprising amount of weird looks from people. I can work out why. And funnily enough, the year 7s just seem to be terrified. Hang on. If I’m terrorising them… Ok, I am NOT a terrorist! Ok?

I think this would be an appropriate time to disappear.





Pointless Post of the Day #6

Hows it going? Good? Is for me! Why? Nothing in particular. Had a reasonable day at school if that’s actually possible on a day with French in it, and I made some pretty cool stuff on Photoshop as well. Thats what these posts have turned into. Me telling you about my graphics and my lucky, lucky clients. It’ll have to change;

HHMM… I don’t know what to talk about. I’ll tell you what! Starting today, each pointless post I’ll take a a letter if the alphabet and talk about something starting with it. Today would obviously be A. HHMM… For some reason the word ‘a cappella’ comes to mind. Oh, yeah, I was looking at beat-boxing earlier. There’s are really cool one of YouTube of the Mario theme-tune, which me and my friend have started driving people to suicide levels with lately. It sounds so cool! And there’s also this other rally good beat-boxer I saw. His names Felix something. Just search for Felix beat-boxing.

Anyway, my fish are calling and I need to watch =3, remember? Bye!


I kind of want to say OINK but MOO’s sort of my signature and trademark now… Pah.

Pointless Post of the Day #5

WOW! We’ve already managed to reach 5 Pointless Posts of the Day! Can you believe it? I can. The reason I can believe this is the fifth PPotD is simply be because there are four before it. How incredibly clever of me! Or not…

Moving on, thus is a graphics blog really so I think I should keep you up to date with what I’m making for people each day, even if I can’t actually show it to you. Today I made finished the header fir Just Club Penguin, a brand new, just out if under-construction blog about Club Penguin with all the latest cheats and glitches and what-knot. You can check the header out by visiting them here.

Now that the headers finished for that site, I finished altering the one I was making for Raees (@Raees7866) which has space for ads stuck on top and the navi-bar pre-attached! How amazing!

Well, I kind of want to go and watch the new episode of =3 if it’s out and then annoy my self with Chop Chop Soccer, so bye…


Oh no, I forgot to put ~Dapizz in front of it…

Oh, well.