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I have moved on.

This is a website from a long time ago. I’ve come and gone from blogging, but this was one of the more embarrassing attempts. I am now @Blieque and have a website, although I still need to make myself a portfolio.

Well, its not really a Pointless Post…

Hey there!

Well, as I’ve already said, we’ve got a new laptop! It’s amazing. It’s actually a HP G56, not G26, but the graphics on Windows 7 are so nice and Paint has progressed madly! You can change the colour, stroke and pattern on the auto-shapes, which is considerably more than before. Here’s a picture. I’m afraid I’m still on my iPod so I can only give you a link:

Amazing, huh?

Well, I’ve got Photoshop on it and today I got After Effects, which is truly amazing, and downloaded a template intro from the Internet. Be expecting a new video intro from me soon… ish.

Well, now you’re probably thinking why am I not uploading any graphics or cool things? Well, I’ve just got started with the new PC, and I’m still transferring a lot of the files that I need for a lot of my Club Penguin work, and even some of my other things. I only have one memory stick as well, which is a measly 512 MB, not much for transferring over 5 GB or more of pictures, videos and media. I guess I could use a network cable or FireWire, but I don’t have a FireWire and the network cable I tried to use didn’t really work. Also, we don’t have an actual network, hooked up to some storage device, so I can’t plonk files on something like that, then unload them on the other PC. And I also feel that the old computer had and maybe still has some subtle remnants of viruses and malware, and I find a memory stick is a little safer as you can’t have a file slip through without your noticing, if you get what I mean.

What else? Oh, the Pointless Posts of the Day are officially ended now but if you scroll to the bottom and look in the Jan and Feb 2011 archives you can read them all or catch up on any you missed. I though that I could do something similar though, once a week, probably on Thursdays. I would post an App Recommendation, a few graphics and a few other stuff, probably from the laptop.

That reminds me if two things, one rather bizarrely. Firstly, not so bizarrely, the fact that there is a new header at I happen to have made it. And secondly, more bizarrely, the fact that I now have a domain. Instead of you going to, you can just go to! Click it, it works! That’s actually quite ironic, because my school is called Thomas Keble, or TK. Please remember to visit it instead of the WP one because the more people that go to that rather than the old WP address, the more chance I’ll be able to get Google AdSense and expand even more.



Do I still need to MOO?

Yeah, may as well.


Pointless Post of the Day #17

AAHH… Saturday… So simple. Usually. Not this one.

It started the day before, when I was searching for Ray William Johnson on YouTube on my iPod and I froze. Now this happens occasionally. Everything goes a bit weird but after a couple if minutes it will come to life again. I’m fine with that. Honestly. I understand that it has a lot stored on it and that I get the most out of it. It’s not one of the newer models with the A4 processor chips, so it is laggy sometimes. But anyway, this time it froze so I put it down on the counter and busied my self with getting crunchy oats. Yum Yum. But it never un-froze. I couldn’t turn it off or anything, so I ended up going to bed with my iPod left on, frozen. Luckily, I had done the PPotD earlier. I had to go to sleep without having seen Equals Three! I still haven’t seen it. Anyway, I woke up in the morning and found that it had stayed frozen until it had eventually ran out if battery. U then lay there uselessly in bed, torn between getting up and charging my iPod or just lying and snoozing. I snoozed until I got terribly bird and got up only to find the wind all night had blown down a cable and I therefore had no electricity throughout the house. Even the fridge was getting warm… EW. Well, sooner or later, mum wanted to go to town, and seeing as I had nothing better to do, I went along. I bought some lovely black biros with XMas money, me being prone to running out at least once a week at school. I also… Then we went to Tesco and then home.

Luckily the electricity had come on so I was able to start up the PC. Unfortunately, my ‘scratch disks’ were full, meaning I couldn’t load Photoshop. Basically, you can assign certain areas of disks or certain drives as temporary space for Photoshop to store stuff when performing larger tasks like Repousse or Content Aware. I eventually managed to get Ps running and I immediately changed the search disk to the recovery drive which has a few photos on but other wise is free! At least 6GB for Photoshop’s needs. No more annoying startup problems, hopefully.

After that, I received a tweet from one o the people I’m working for to make a new header. I strait away got started. Basically, it has two lumps of snow at the bottom, then some mountains in the background and a lake. It’s looking great and I think I’m going to isolate another couple of penguins tomorrow for it. It’s going to be great!

Well, that’s it really. I need to go and watch Equals Three and stuff so bye!


Pointless Post of the Day #2

How’s it going for you? Probably ok. Unluckily, or should I say unfortunately, sounds much more pompous, I’m not. I have made a header, navi-bar and even a few widget tiles for sidecars and school wasted to bad but there is one thing…

And that one little thing is Chop Chop Soccer. Ik ow what your thinking. What? That’s a great little game! Is this guy dissing CC Soccer? No. I’m not. It’s a cool game…

Until you find out that even the best team on the game, Spain, can’t even beat Japan. You may say it’s me but it’s not. It’s happened load that I’ll be ready to shoot and then it switches to another player! GGRR…

I think I should leave it there as I value my head as it is and not exploded from excessive amounts of Chop Chop Stress! And also I like hits on my blog, not haters!

And for your information (or FYI. As oh, too many people say now) Chop Chop Soccer if FREe at the moment! Get it! Or not. Or you could get it. It depends… Whether you own a doughnut addicted baboon or not… Or not. I don’t know.




Heya, Peoples,

Well. I guess there’s been a lot of time between now and the last time I posted on here, but the time has come to post.

Did that even make sense?

Probably not.

Well, more to the point, I won’t have any graphics or anything for you guys in this post. Reason of this being that I’m actually posting this from the library at my school during lunch break. And the other reason, this one being the reason I haven’t posted for over two (maybe 3 even) weeks, is because I have been absolutely addicted to Happy Wheels which is this really, quite disturbing blood-and-gore weirdo game.

I know what you’re thinking. Why am on this site? HELP! Well, there’s a reason…I think. I just had deja-vu. LOL. I’ve gotten off of track. I will try to focus on this strange, slightly crazy/boring post.

GTG, end of lunch!

-Dapizz – 😀


I can’t think of a title!

I’m at my friends house surprisingly! I’m watching football, Liverpool FC versus RAB (I don’t know who they are…it’s the UEFA) and it’s two-nil to Liverpool! I support them so that’s good. In the next post I will hopefully be able to show you some pictures of some crazy New Super Mario Bros. Wii achievements me and my friend have achieved. If you have the game or have played on it do you know what happens when Mario gets 99 lives? I do. Comment if you know! If you actually look at the posts I put on here. Maybe…just maybe I should start being a bit more positive when it comes to how many people read this blog!
From now on I am, as I said, positive!
Everybody looks here don’t they! I actually have about 846,826,382 hits and the hit counter is just 100% wrong! I am the most famous blogger in the world! Yippee!
But I’m not that famous, do not have loads if hits and the hit counter is perfectly functional! Hmph!
Oh well…
PS: We’re going to win the match!