About Dapizz

Well, I am Dapizz. I am a boy and I live in the United Kingdom (UK) and love eating pizza. I also love sting with my iPod and downloading far too many Apps for anyones good. I find it very satisfying. I like Derek Landy’s Skullduggery Pleasant. They are really good books, even if a bit scary with the pictures.

OK, Me Internet wise. I am known on the Internet as Dapizz if I can be. On YouTube I am Dapizz1 though, and Twitter, Dapiz. I am also, on Club Penguin, known as Megotnoname, Pusalanamous and Da pizzaman (where Dapizz comes from). Lastly, I am sometimes called Zorg/Zork or Zenos. For some reason all of my names sound totally stupid to me, and everyone else’s cool! Very Annoying!

What would world you say?

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