Well, its not really a Pointless Post…

Hey there!

Well, as I’ve already said, we’ve got a new laptop! It’s amazing. It’s actually a HP G56, not G26, but the graphics on Windows 7 are so nice and Paint has progressed madly! You can change the colour, stroke and pattern on the auto-shapes, which is considerably more than before. Here’s a picture. I’m afraid I’m still on my iPod so I can only give you a link:


Amazing, huh?

Well, I’ve got Photoshop on it and today I got After Effects, which is truly amazing, and downloaded a template intro from the Internet. Be expecting a new video intro from me soon… ish.

Well, now you’re probably thinking why am I not uploading any graphics or cool things? Well, I’ve just got started with the new PC, and I’m still transferring a lot of the files that I need for a lot of my Club Penguin work, and even some of my other things. I only have one memory stick as well, which is a measly 512 MB, not much for transferring over 5 GB or more of pictures, videos and media. I guess I could use a network cable or FireWire, but I don’t have a FireWire and the network cable I tried to use didn’t really work. Also, we don’t have an actual network, hooked up to some storage device, so I can’t plonk files on something like that, then unload them on the other PC. And I also feel that the old computer had and maybe still has some subtle remnants of viruses and malware, and I find a memory stick is a little safer as you can’t have a file slip through without your noticing, if you get what I mean.

What else? Oh, the Pointless Posts of the Day are officially ended now but if you scroll to the bottom and look in the Jan and Feb 2011 archives you can read them all or catch up on any you missed. I though that I could do something similar though, once a week, probably on Thursdays. I would post an App Recommendation, a few graphics and a few other stuff, probably from the laptop.

That reminds me if two things, one rather bizarrely. Firstly, not so bizarrely, the fact that there is a new header at http://ClubPenguinCommunity.com/ I happen to have made it. And secondly, more bizarrely, the fact that I now have a domain. Instead of you going to Dapizz.WordPress.com, you can just go to http://Dapizz.tk/! Click it, it works! That’s actually quite ironic, because my school is called Thomas Keble, or TK. Please remember to visit it instead of the WP one because the more people that go to that rather than the old WP address, the more chance I’ll be able to get Google AdSense and expand even more.



Do I still need to MOO?

Yeah, may as well.


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