Pointless Post of the Day #22

OMG! OMG! OMG! We’ve jut got a brand new laptop! It so amazing! I love it! It’s so speedy and elegant. I guess I’ll have to get used to the feel of Windows 7, huh? LOL. We got a HP G26, I think. It’s got 250GB, 3GB RAM, a not-so-good graphics card (have to replace that soon), Windows 7 Home Premium and loads of other cool things like Windows Media Centre. Heehahahahaa…

School? Not much. Normal day really. Although, the rooms at my school are named by the first letter offhand subject then a number. For instance, the Science rooms are S1, S2, S3, etc. Today was quite cool because the first 4 lessons were in E1, S1, H1 then R1! LOL! That’s how little a life I live…

But tomorrow. UUMM… Yeah. Basically we have PSHCE and we’re learning about the… dodgy stuff. Tomorrow we apparently will meet Jonny the C**d*m! (the reason I censor that out is so that the school network doesn’t block the blog. 😉 ) This little character is a… I think you know. We, according to some slightly un-reliable sources, have to stretch him over a plastic model of mans… magic wand. How EEWW-y. I can’t wait until home time… That whole thing reminds me of what I saw on the floor of the shopping centre today, outside the laptop shop. A used one… Couldn’t you at least put them in the bin?



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