Pointless Post of the Day #21

Well, I’ve kind of been cured of the grumpy ness that I had been consumed by yesterday. I made some graphics which cheered me up, and I didn’t do anything to y nee blog as it’s practically impossible with Blogger.

What did I make? Well, firstly I made a header I was supposed to be making and had totally forgot about for another if Raees’ websites. Secondly, I made s footer fir the same site which I actually really like. Then, lastly, I started making myself a Xat Chat Bix BG. I’ve just signed up fir Xat, you see. I felt I was a loner without one. 😉

School? French. French test, even. Listening and reading. I got 15 out of 23 total, which isn’t bad for me. About 66%, right? And annoyingly, my friend I sit with in Frech, got 21/23. GGRR…

Well, I’m afraid it’s really, really late and I still want to watch some stuff on YouTube, so bye!


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