Pointless Post of the Day #19

Hey! Guess what? I’ve got a new blog! This time using Blogger instead of WP. It called Club Penguin Cheats 2011, like a lot if other sites, or in other words, Dapizz CP. The URL is http://DapizzCP.BlogSpot.com/ IMPORTANT: This blog is still majorly under construction and will NOT be launched for a very long time. Please visit it though so that it can get a Top.Org rank in the top 100. I’m also submitting it to a host if other top blogging lists and gaming sites so… Yeah. I may want to hire some authors so if you feel you’re up to it, comment. Note, I’ll want decent image insertion though, and *perfect* grammar. Like meh. LULZ…

Anyhow, what happened at school? Well, of corse I ran out of will to live and died in French. Luckily someone who happened to be having IT at the same moment walked in and generously dished out all of his will to live. The classroom then came to life and just managed to hold on for the last 20 minutes. I hope that guy from IT’s ok… He kind of fainted.

Then PE. Footy. In the rain. And the wind. It’s been f*** windy lately. And the rain wasn’t exactly forgiving either. We battled the elements so hard we nearly forgot about battling the other team. Note: I have a curse, I will ALWAYS be on the bibbed team! And I mean it!

Anyway, we were soon out of the cold rain and inside the warmth of the not so warm sports changing rooms ready for break time. On the bright side, we won 8:2!

Now, what lesson next? F***! It’s music. Which, this lesson, involves me and 6 other guys singing, with no backing or anything, Forget You – Cee Lo Green – The Stroudie Mix. The Stroudie thing only relates to people who live in my area, though. Basically we edited the words to make it sound like a guy was looking at the love of his life being driven off by someone else but then seeing Merrywalks (shopping centre) and forgetting her! MehHehHeh!

The rest of the day was pretty boring and that’s about it.

MOOAGE! (the ‘age’ is pronounced ‘idge’, and is a Stroudie thing. It can be put on the end of anything!)

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