Pointless Post of the Day #18


Well, what shall I talk about? What did I do today? Not much. I got up at about 11 and fetched some crunchy oats and then got back into bed and watched some stuff on YouTube. Then at about 2:30 I actually got up. I seriously am getting to be a teenager! Help me! I then, pretty much, made graphics for the rest if the day. I haven’t actually made all that much. I started off with finishing the header I had began making yesterday for Club Penguin Raees. I isolated another penguin, added it on, then uploaded the header to my SkyDrive. Sent it off and I think its probably up and running now.

Then, like I often do, I did a little graphic give away, Wiibob won. I made him a banner and I’m sending him the code as I type! How intriguing!

Well, that it. The weekends already over. And I’ve got my favourite two lessons first tomorrow! French and PE! YAY! Not.




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