Pointless Post of the Day #17

AAHH… Saturday… So simple. Usually. Not this one.

It started the day before, when I was searching for Ray William Johnson on YouTube on my iPod and I froze. Now this happens occasionally. Everything goes a bit weird but after a couple if minutes it will come to life again. I’m fine with that. Honestly. I understand that it has a lot stored on it and that I get the most out of it. It’s not one of the newer models with the A4 processor chips, so it is laggy sometimes. But anyway, this time it froze so I put it down on the counter and busied my self with getting crunchy oats. Yum Yum. But it never un-froze. I couldn’t turn it off or anything, so I ended up going to bed with my iPod left on, frozen. Luckily, I had done the PPotD earlier. I had to go to sleep without having seen Equals Three! I still haven’t seen it. Anyway, I woke up in the morning and found that it had stayed frozen until it had eventually ran out if battery. U then lay there uselessly in bed, torn between getting up and charging my iPod or just lying and snoozing. I snoozed until I got terribly bird and got up only to find the wind all night had blown down a cable and I therefore had no electricity throughout the house. Even the fridge was getting warm… EW. Well, sooner or later, mum wanted to go to town, and seeing as I had nothing better to do, I went along. I bought some lovely black biros with XMas money, me being prone to running out at least once a week at school. I also… Then we went to Tesco and then home.

Luckily the electricity had come on so I was able to start up the PC. Unfortunately, my ‘scratch disks’ were full, meaning I couldn’t load Photoshop. Basically, you can assign certain areas of disks or certain drives as temporary space for Photoshop to store stuff when performing larger tasks like Repousse or Content Aware. I eventually managed to get Ps running and I immediately changed the search disk to the recovery drive which has a few photos on but other wise is free! At least 6GB for Photoshop’s needs. No more annoying startup problems, hopefully.

After that, I received a tweet from one o the people I’m working for to make a new header. I strait away got started. Basically, it has two lumps of snow at the bottom, then some mountains in the background and a lake. It’s looking great and I think I’m going to isolate another couple of penguins tomorrow for it. It’s going to be great!

Well, that’s it really. I need to go and watch Equals Three and stuff so bye!



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