Pointless Post of the Day #16

YAY! It’s Friday! At last. The week goes so fast, doesn’t it? No? What? Anyhow… Nothing really.

Had a pretty boring day really. I had Geography. But that was last lesson. Maths, that was it. Second, Art. Teacher had a go at me because the homework isn’t much use on a memory stick’. What did I have 3rd? Music? No, that was 4th. Oh, god, i don’t remember! But I do remember that I got a sweetie from my Geography teacher. I managed to keep it until about 5 paces from my house. Basically, I got on the bus, 20 minutes, walked home 10 minutes, then I lost touch with the little remaining piece of gelly stuff, nearly like in films when their rescuing a ship or plane and then they ‘lose connection’ over the deathly blue.

Anyway, I haven’t actually been on the computer yet so I haven’t made anything on Photoshop. I will tomorrow, though.




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