Pointless Post of the Day #15

Well, today I made another 2 graphics! How amazing is that? No? Damn you! I made an icon for this guy called Kanna (@CPKanna) and I also made a little site icon for Club Penguin Seasons. I don’t think I actually made anything else… Plan to make more tomorrow when everyone sits in the living room with the fire burning, a box of Friends DVDs spilling on to the floor and dad snoring in his reclining chair. Then me sitting there half watching Friends and half Photoshop, telling mum that I can multitask. Which, for your information, I can! Tuh!

Now, what happened in the real world? Well I had 5 lessons as usual, no duh, which were:

Design Tech.
Citizenship, alcohol and gross stuff!
And lastly, a nice old science exam. Great.

I guess the day wasn’t actually that bad. Apart from the exam… And the Citizenship… And Drama’s not that fun… Neither is Maths either, actually. Ok, it was a sh*t day!





La-la-la-la-la… Cracks… *Oh crap!* Waahh! Splatch! Dead.



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