Pointless Post of the Day #14

WOW! It’s the two week anniversary of the first Pointless Post of the Day! PPotD Memorial Day! Moving on…

Shorty today, again. I jeep going to bed to late… Tut, tut. Who cares. I font have any PE tomorrow, and I can just not get up for ages in the morning if I like. But then I won’t be aloud on the computer… Yeah. That’s one if the stupid rules in this house. If I’m not ‘standing on the kitchen floor’ by 8:40 I’m nit aloud on the computer, my iPod, or any other screen for the rest if the day. That’s because I apparently don’t get up if I’m not threatened. I do! I just get up at about 9:05. That leaves me plenty if time to get up, get dressed, fetch breakfast, fix toaster, re-toast bread, prepare and run for bus in 5 minutes, right?

Today I hurt my arm and it hurts.



Anyway, today I made myself a new Twitter icon. Technically I didn’t make a NEW one, but I changed the name a little, changed a few opacity-s and added a different background. You can gawp in amazement at it on my Twitter: http://Twitter.com/Dapiz/

Well, that’s it from me, fish calling and an urge for some YouTube before beddie-bies!


Oh, no, I’m meant to say goodbye before the MOO!



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