Pointless Post of the Day #13

I’ve had a strangely tiring day. I had IT, PE, English, Geography, and something else. Unfortunately I have Maths and DT tomorrow. That reminds me… YOU JUST LOST THE GAME! LULZ! That’s my new catchphrase now, BTW. LULZ is just so much better than the old boing LOL.

Graphics. Well, today I signed up to the new Club Penguin Digital! It’s now a totally different site! Before it was a Club Penguin chests blog where the owner and authors would simply post the cheats. but now it’s had one of the biggest makeovers ever! It a social network. A CP social network. Based on the actual FaceBook theme, it looks very similar, except better. With my wonderful header meeting your eye as you ever the page, you instantly feel an overwhelming passion and power making you sign up. It’s awesome! At the moment there’s only about 10 people signed up but believe me, it will grow, and fast.

More graphic related, I made a new BG for Club Penguin Raees, little banner fir Top.Org, which I’ll talk about later, and a couple if other little things for CPD.

Ok. Top.Org. Basically, it’s a huge leader board of websites and blogs which have signed up. I signed up today under the Blogs>Arts category and I hope to get up at the top soon. There should be a little blue thing over on the right side of this below the hit counter which has a number on it. I did only sign up an hour ago and it does say that a rank can take up to 6 hours so it might not be there yet. Take a look.

Well, as usual my fish need feeding and this post needs to actually be copied from Notes into the WordPress App which has an I credibly laggy keyboard and enough bugs to change a lightbulb!



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