Pointless Post of the Day #12


Today’s is going to be a short post, it’s already late because I’ve been playing laid of tis awesome game! It’s called Rat on a Skateboard and it’s based on the awesome Rat on a Scooter! I know, it’s 59p ($1) but it’s totally worth the money! Believe me…

Graphics news, I’ve finished the header for CP Digital and I think it’s probably up and on the Internet, don’t know, but I do know that my client liked it. He just tweeted me back. I also managed to make a new header for Club Penguin Raees. He wanted a new one because the Club Penguin Puffle Party 2011 is about to start. I just edited the one I had already made with the navi bar and ad-space attached to it, I don’t know whether it’s up yet, have a loom for me, will you?


You won’t will you..

Anyway, my fish and rat are calling me! Their bored and need food and playing with so, see ya!


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