Pointless Post of the Day #11

Today sucked like a really bad blonde. Nothing went as planned, my iPod f***ed itself up for about 20 minutes in the morning and someone was probably very close to un-following and firing me from my role as their graphics designer.

Basically, I’m making the header for the new Club Penguin Digital, or FishBook as it is at the moment. Basically, CPD used to be a normal CP cheats site but then the owners decided to make it into the first Club Penguin social network. As I’m the current official graphics designer for these guys, I was sent on a mission to make a new header for the new website, I had to be differently styled to the old one. Totally different.

So, when he asked for it, I strait away got to work on making it. But then things just came one after another.

Firstly, my dad’s selling something on eBay and it had ended yesterday. He obviously wanted to see what it had gone for, and seeing as he’s not exactly computer acquainted, I had to do the work for him. This usually involves inspecting some adverts that are obviously scams, like the new ‘Mom gets £200 an hour working for Google’. Basically, dad believes them for a while until I point out every thing wrong with the site the ads take you to. Most obviously, the fact that a Google ad may some time take you to rather… inappropriate sites… But finally we had re-listed the un-sold item and I was back to Photoshop.

Until mum wanted to go for a walk. An ‘hour or so’ walk. Of course that translates roughly as ‘a 3 hour walk’. After I had returned from that, I could continue…

For about ten minutes until a dinner had randomly been conjured up. I ate. The ate more because dad complained I don’t eat enough. Then I are a bit more because ‘there was only one spoon-ful left on the plate’. More like 20. 20 minutes later I could continue.

Then my sister wanted the laptop. She firstly checked email, fair enough, then replied to a few, verging on not fair, and then went on to look at the news she had already read and tease me by watching golf videos and other poo, not fair! She hates it but knew I wanted the computer so she had to stay on as long as possible.

Then 20 minutes after that, it’s apparently bed time! It was 9:30! Jeez! Get a life, dad! Anyway, I managed to sneak another 10 minutes while arguing but eventually he gave up and nearly unplugged the computer by the wall. Our laptop’s battery doesn’t work so I took it out. As soon as the power goes, the laptop goes with it.

Well, I guess I’ll just have to do it tomorrow. It’s absolute priority to me!




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