Pointless Post of the day #10

The 10th post already! How incredible is that? Not really incredible at all. Anyway, how about we throw a party to celebrate this wonderful time in history? No? BORING!

Moving on, I’ve done quite a lot today, graphics wise. Firstly, someone I had previously made a header for contacted me. ‘I’ve lost the header… Can you send it again?’ Tut, tut, tut… Luckily I had the file still so I quickly beamed it up to the SkyDrive! Then copy the link, Ow.ly-ate it and @ it off him. Little Story Moral: ALWAYS BACKUP FILES! Always!

Then I opened up Photoshop, I hadn’t actually needed it yet, and asked the two people I’m working for if they needed anything made, graphics wise. Both said no, so I went off and finger-boarded a little. After my fingers were dropping with what looked like the juice of a strawberry flavoured drink-type-thing, I went back to the PC to find that about 28.76 seconds after he had said no, one of my clients had actually asked for some thing. Forgetful clients these days! Puh! He asked for a sidebar widget title thing with Stats written on it. Sadly, I had deleted the layer template so I had to painstakingly remove the text from a stripy background, with gloss on it, so that I could put a new word on it. At last, after not actually that painstaking a 2 minutes, I was ready to upload. I did, copied the link, Ow.ly-ated it (Ow.ly is much better that Bit.ly and always will be) and sent that off.

Now I was bored with nothing to do.

So I went onto Twitter again and said, ‘Hey! First to @ me wins an icon or banner!’ That actually gathered 8 RTs and 4 people responding to me. I looked at all of the @s and the earliest won.

The lucky winner chose to have a Twitter on as his little prize, so I quickly whipped one up, one I unfortunately nearly like more than my own, and did the same upload and link process as before. (Little DP fact: http://Ow.ly/ is now my 7th most visited site on Chrome!) He didn’t say much, I guess he hasn’t been on yet since, but let’s hope that he likes it when he gets it! 😀

Now I happened to be bored, yet agian. I’d had a shower earlier and my, now wet, and consequently heavy, hair was getting annoying. I searched for about 10 minutes trying to find my beanie which, if worn correctly, keeps my hair out of my eyes, then I found it behind me on the sofa. The hat keeps the hair still as it dries, therefore drying still out of my eyes! 8)

But then I was bored and once again, meaningless and destiny-less. I did the same as before and only got 3 replies. Oh well, there’s only one needed to have a winner. This time, my customer asked for a Twitter background. I logged on to Club Penguin, got a suitable screen shot, and started making. The BG was pretty simple but that’s sort of what you want it to be, right? He seemed happy with it and then my dad said I had to go to bed. I left my iPod plugged in because it still had to charge, and then set about spending as long as I could getting a hot water bottle, brushing teeth, spending a penny, changing and then randomly standing in the kitchen for 10 minutes reading pointless rubbish in the newspaper. Finally I surrendered, there was no more I could do to extend the time my iPod could charge for. I unconnected it, turned off the computer by pulling out the plug as some sort of revenge to the PC for not charging my iPod fast enough, then plodded up to Bedfordshire (bed) wrapped in a thick, black, veil of defeat.

I’ve been writing this post ever since.



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