Pointless Post of the Day #9

Already nearly 10 Pointless Posts! GEEZUS! …as Ray William Johnson would put it. AAHH… I love his =3 show… Wait, I know what your thinking! No! I’m not gat, ok. Strait.

Forget that entire paragraph.

Anyways, today was really cool because I found this font that I’ve been looking for for ages! It actually just Arial Rounded MT, but I really love it, even if it does look a little like Comic Sans… I truly detest that font! Make me shiver just thinking about it!

Anyway, I love this font so much and I’m so happy I found it (Thanks to Happyace, or @MrHappyCP. Go follow him!) that I had to make a graphic for it. Now I can’t break the rules of Pointless Posting and put in a picture, by I can give you a TwitPic link.

Here: http://TwitPic.com/3UASL6

Well, I kind of got to go, it’s already half past midnight and I should be on Twitter by now! xD



PS: *Whispering* You’re about to lose The Game again…


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