Pointless Post of the Day #8

Ok. I’m here today not to talk about random crap or to simply annoy you until your head explodes. YOU JUST LOST THE GAME! HaHa! No, seriously, I’m here to hand over some true, valuable information which can help you on many occasions to defeat numerous dilemmas. Here it is.

Never, ever, ever, ever, EVER, buy any Dell product, no matter what. My Dell Inspiron 1501 is in such unbelievable state you would probably just though it out. I need it though. My parents keep putting it off. It’s only a laptop, guys, (not a pony or a tractor) just spend a bit money and save your sons life! Here are some outlining reason not to get the laptop I have.

-Processor. AMD are so impressively terrible, I know one of their ex-employees who said Intel are better. And that’s whilst they were working for AMD still!
-Screen. Guaranteed to break within a year and so rare spare part don’t exist even on distant planets.
-Keyboard. Key stickers wear away in a few weeks of serious typing, and believe me, graphic designers only type the odd word or sentence apart the occasional blog post.
-Windows Vista. Proclaimed to be the worst ever OS in computing history, really doesn’t complement the already miserable chances of success as a PC.
-And about another 39 billion, 348 million, 826 thousand, 769 other reasons. Not good…




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