Pointless Post of the Day #6

Hows it going? Good? Is for me! Why? Nothing in particular. Had a reasonable day at school if that’s actually possible on a day with French in it, and I made some pretty cool stuff on Photoshop as well. Thats what these posts have turned into. Me telling you about my graphics and my lucky, lucky clients. It’ll have to change;

HHMM… I don’t know what to talk about. I’ll tell you what! Starting today, each pointless post I’ll take a a letter if the alphabet and talk about something starting with it. Today would obviously be A. HHMM… For some reason the word ‘a cappella’ comes to mind. Oh, yeah, I was looking at beat-boxing earlier. There’s are really cool one of YouTube of the Mario theme-tune, which me and my friend have started driving people to suicide levels with lately. It sounds so cool! And there’s also this other rally good beat-boxer I saw. His names Felix something. Just search for Felix beat-boxing.

Anyway, my fish are calling and I need to watch =3, remember? Bye!


I kind of want to say OINK but MOO’s sort of my signature and trademark now… Pah.


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