Pointless Post of the Day #5

WOW! We’ve already managed to reach 5 Pointless Posts of the Day! Can you believe it? I can. The reason I can believe this is the fifth PPotD is simply be because there are four before it. How incredibly clever of me! Or not…

Moving on, thus is a graphics blog really so I think I should keep you up to date with what I’m making for people each day, even if I can’t actually show it to you. Today I made finished the header fir Just Club Penguin, a brand new, just out if under-construction blog about Club Penguin with all the latest cheats and glitches and what-knot. You can check the header out by visiting them here.

Now that the headers finished for that site, I finished altering the one I was making for Raees (@Raees7866) which has space for ads stuck on top and the navi-bar pre-attached! How amazing!

Well, I kind of want to go and watch the new episode of =3 if it’s out and then annoy my self with Chop Chop Soccer, so bye…


Oh no, I forgot to put ~Dapizz in front of it…

Oh, well.

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