Pointless Post of the Day #3

So, here we are. 3 entire days having past since I started this weird yet wonderful regime. I hope you’re enjoying the pointlessness of the previous posts I’ve written, and I hope you’re looking forward to doughnut-addicted-baboon debates and whatever other crap I can come up with, using my record-breakingly microscopic brain. Not really. I hVe a very nice, large brain and I use it well. Well I guess that’s for you decide. What The F***?

Moving on, have you got Chop Chop Soccer yet? Surely you must. You haven’t? You are dumb! I’m not being funny, man. You are dumb! (Did you get that? Quote from Come Fly With Me, Series 1, Episode 2 or 3).

Well, that’s it really!

Oh, and if you got a link to here from Twitter can you RT that tweet and pass on the link? Please… 8)


*Baboon eating a doughnut…*

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