Pointless Post of the Day #4


Lately I’ve been making loads if them and they’re looking really nice. My skills are co ing on and I really like the header for a site I made today and the other header I stared today for another.

But I’m not here to boast, so I’ll talk about something else. Like… Not school. Got that tomorrow… I hate going to school. Apart from hanging around with friends and talking in French lessons there’s not much to do. Well, you can obviously go to the library and play games lime Happy Wheels on the computers and annoy the teachers but that usually gets you kicked out and banned for the week. My favourite thin to do is hang around the few first years who seem to like my a little, then when the teacher starry to come and shoo out the loiterers I sneakily move over to the other side of the library, therefore goi g where she has already shooed from. Everyone else gets kicked out and I get to stay and loiter.


That’s so stupid, LOL. Next time you type that in IM or as your Facebook status, a tweet, in a post or wherever, think. Are you really laughing out loud? I doubt it.

Well, I’m afraid my fish in iQuarium is calling me to feet him by blowing bubbles of different sizes, large and small, writing out morse code as it’s white hard to speak underwater…



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