Pointless Post of the Day #2

How’s it going for you? Probably ok. Unluckily, or should I say unfortunately, sounds much more pompous, I’m not. I have made a header, navi-bar and even a few widget tiles for sidecars and school wasted to bad but there is one thing…

And that one little thing is Chop Chop Soccer. Ik ow what your thinking. What? That’s a great little game! Is this guy dissing CC Soccer? No. I’m not. It’s a cool game…

Until you find out that even the best team on the game, Spain, can’t even beat Japan. You may say it’s me but it’s not. It’s happened load that I’ll be ready to shoot and then it switches to another player! GGRR…

I think I should leave it there as I value my head as it is and not exploded from excessive amounts of Chop Chop Stress! And also I like hits on my blog, not haters!

And for your information (or FYI. As oh, too many people say now) Chop Chop Soccer if FREe at the moment! Get it! Or not. Or you could get it. It depends… Whether you own a doughnut addicted baboon or not… Or not. I don’t know.




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