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Office 2010: The Movie

He, People,

Well as you know, I have an iPod and, as you may also know, iPod Touches, iPhones and iPads all have YouTube Apps built in with the factory settings. This enables you to watch videos, comment, subscribe and not much more to do with YouTube.

That was, kind of, the intro…I think.

Anyway, I was on my YouTube App yesterday browsing through tonnes of crap, cool stuff and general YouTube content when I stumbled upon a video titled (something). Seeing as I’m interesting in things like the title of this anonymously named video, I tapped it and made sure I was sitting comfortably (lying, to be precise, but that’s not the point). This is what I saw (BTW the video was called Office 2010: The Movie, hence the title of this post. I don’t know why I kept it secret earlier on in the post):

Have you watched it? If you never have you’d better do so now. All you have to do is click once on the play button above.

Anyhow, I thought it was great! I mean, how did they come up with all of it. I love the RIP Clippy thing, that was hilarious (and sad, :’| ). I’m not sure why I’m sad because I always throw the worst insults I can think of at it because it’s so CPU-guzzling and annoying-sound-emitting.

Anyway, I love the video overall and I hope they bring out the movie soon. That brings me on to a little response thing I was going to do with you guys. Question: Do you think this whole Office 2010: The Movie thing is actually going to be a real film in cinemas soon or did they just invest loads of money in a really expensive and not-much-more-effective-than-standard advertisement? You can either comment saying what you think or vote in the poll below:

Lastly, a few yummy graphics to finish off with:

You may remember, last post, I said about making a YouTube wallpaper thing for Stralis33. Well, here it is, 100% complete:

And a Twitter background for someone I know on Twitter! I’m loving it like crazy:

Bye guys, nagging people in the house wanting the laptop.

Bye ’till next time!

Dapizz – 😀