Hi, People,

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of Stratzeh’s videos on YouTube. He’s the guy who inspired my to make the awesome Nike Dunk Acid pair of shoes a while back. He’s done quite a few really good, speed art videos and uploaded them for the world to see. They inspired me again and I suddenly had a 1280 pixel by 800 pixel blank canvas in front of me ready to be blasted with Dapizz-ness! It got blasted and this is what it looked like after:

I thought my blasting skills had definitely improved since my last blast and I was impressed.

I’m afraid I’ve got to go due to some ass-hole father!


Dapizz – 😐

MOO00oo…(dying cow!)

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6 responses to “Awesome…

  • Wimper

    I just added your blog to my home screen on my iPod touch as an App!

  • queenuedown

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