Awesome RX-7 Persona

Hiya, Peoples,

Today I have a really cool Firefox persona to show you. I got a screenshot of an RX-7 from Google SketchUp (you can download it as a 3D model then have any sight angle at the car that you want). I then took it to Photoshop and did my magic and ended up with this:

Pretty cool, huh? The picture is actually a totally still car except I’ve put radial blur on the wheels to look like their spinning! I then added drifting smoke using the Filter>Render>Clouds effect tool and real pictures from Google Images of volcano clouds as they come out the top of the volcano! Really good picture to use because its the perfect shape. Then I shrunk it and stuff to get a proper Persona header for Firefox. Made a bottom thing as well for the Persona and here is the result:


And the bottom-one:

Yes, they are hugely wide for the height but to be honest Mozilla probably know the right dimensions for a Persona. When I first saw them (3000 px. by 200 px. for the header, 3000 px. by 100 px. for the bottom-one) I was amazed and nearly died. I managed to hang onto life though…

Just about…

Then I died…

Bye, Dapizz – πŸ˜€

PS: 😐


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