9/11 Remembrance

Yo, Dude (No, too American…Hello, that’s better),

In case you didn’t know tomorrow is the 10 year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. I was only 2 when it happened, the biggest, most evil conspiracy in the world. Yes. I am a believer of The Theory (as I call it). If you hate conspiracy theorists then you’re probably going to want to get right of my site site now…or not. I believe in all of the evidence, my Dad has done experiments in the garden to prove some of these. For example, Thermite. This is a powder mixture which when lighted burns at extreme temperatures for a few seconds. Enough even to melt through a steel sky-scraper structure. Ever wandered why 3 towers randomly collapse in 11 seconds (the speed of a stone falling AKA. free-fall speed) when all that happened was a plane flew into it. And, no, I’m not being sarcastic. 100’s of high-rise towers have had a plane fly into them, burned for up to around 3 days, been extinguished and rebuilt, and still stand today. For example, the Empire State Building. That’s still standing (if you live in NYC have a check out the window, will you?) and being used today as we speak (I mean I write and you read). Nobody thinks anything of the fact that a couple of buildings, after only 3 hours of fire, just collapses in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the world! There is absolutely no reason for them to fall like that.

Another thing I would like you to be aware of is the fact that not only two towers collapsed. No, three in fact. The third one being the WTC 7 Building. This building collapsed just like the other two except no plane went into it. That’s a bit funny. A tower, multiple blocks away from WTC 1 & 2 just…drops to the ground in a few seconds. When asked why it did fall down the American Government say ‘uuummm…uuurrr…well…some debris went into it (in their head: Yes, there we go, that’s a good excuse) and set of a very big fire which made it collapse.’ I would just like to say that:

  1. There was a fire but it was dotted around, all together, about one storeys worth. This is a tiny fire compared to the ones in tonnes of other American sky-scrapers. The excuse is f***ing ridiculous!
  2. The tower was, as I said, about 3 blocks away, far too far to catch enough debris to collapse the building, and surely all the buildings (not belonging to the American Government) around the Twin Towers would collapse as well?
  3. This tower also collapsed at free-fall speed, no resistance from structural beams, concrete, windows, desks, chairs, computers, etc. This means there was something to get rid of all this. Now what would be good for that? Hang on a minute, wasn’t I typing about something called Thermite earlier? Yes, that would be perfect! This is where it comes in. It was actually used in all three buildings, fire-fighters and witnesses having seen explosions as the tower fell.
  4. A man, sorry, forgotten his name, went into the building on the day after lunch break or something, and found his normally crowded workplace deserted. All the secretaries at the front desk had gone too. Everybody. He then ventured further into the building, this is before any fire, and went onto every floor in the building, finding over and over again, every thing left as if everyone had disappeared into thin air! He was nearly at the top of the building when he heard a phone ringing. This gave him the idea to ring his boss. He did and got ‘Get out of that building right now!’. When he asked why he just got the same ‘Get out of that building right now! He did as he was told and in less than 20 minutes later the tower was flattened.

All of this tower collapsing is called Controlled Demolition. There are companies that will charge to you to have your building exploded. Basically it is a very safe way of destroying an old useless lump of concrete and asbestos. Not much debris flies in all directions and there’s no falling over sideways involved.

Anyway, enough of that, that probably already being the longest post I have ever done!

Here is a new sneak-peek of my new Line Rider track. Yes, I have got back into it! I have found a new program to play the .SWF that has different keyboard shortcuts, space-bar not being go back to the beginning of the Flash Video (.SWF)! But the sneak-peek:

Pretty cool?

I’ve got really addicted to using the hook things! They’re so cool when he rides them and since I have seemingly mastered them I thought I would put a load in. There’s 12 at the moment and I haven’t finished.

Anyway, I think that’s all for today…

Bye, Dapizz – 😀

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