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Urgent App Recomendation

I have found two games lately which have taken over my brain! Strangely both involve ninjas and killing things!
Firstly, Ninjump, brought to us by Backflip Studios, famous for Paper Toss and Harbour Havoc 3D. Basically you are a little ninja who has to run up two walls either side of a portrait screen, jumping between the two, avoiding other ninjas, annoying little blue birds, bright orange squirrels, ninja stars and loads more. It can get ridiculously addictive and has me glued to my iPod 24/7!

Maybe not 24/7 actually, because there us another great game which has taken over my life recently too. It’s called Chop Chop Runner and is from the same people that made Chop Chop Tennis and Chop Chop Ninja. I’m surprised they aren’t called Chop Chop, Inc. In this game you are running along on grass and you have to jump from piece of land to piece of land avoiding the gaps between! On top of that you also have to kill Red Baddies, Blue Baddies, Skulls, Dark Lord Looking Things, Snakes, Robotic Scorpions, and loads more I haven’t discovered yet!

I have some pictures…

Dapizz – 😀

Even More Mario

Hi People!

I have yet again got more Super Mario Bros news for you. When I was last playing Mario at my friends house I managed to get blue Toad (always my favourite character) up to about 60 lives I think! The maximum you can have is 99 so I was only around 40 lives away from Stralis33, who for some silly reason, cannot choose a character, and must be Mario. He is basically permanently on 99 lives!

Anyway, the top picture is of my character, blue Toad, on 99 lives thanks to some extra work from Stralis33 while I wasn’t there. The bottom, a picture of our power-up items menu, stocked to the max big-mushroom-wise. Again the Wii has been limited to 99 but we still achieved it by challenging every Goomba, Piranha-Flower, Ice-Koopa, etc that we could find!

Dapizz – 😀

PS: The pictures should be below here.