An Updater Post

Hiya, My Loyal Followers (I think I might have used that beginning before!),

Anyway, I have been away for a few days and haven’t posted anything proper for a while so I will now! I have thought of another way to try and embed Play Club Penguin. Here it is, ignore if it doesn’t work!
Just about no chance at all that it will work!

Moving On, have all you 95 people checked out all my new videos on YouTube! There are a couple of new Line Riders and the penguin thing a few posts back. I love my Line Riders but I am aware of the fact I must be far more inventive when it comes to scenery and not just copy other peoples and be so repetitive. (MMMM! Lovely…I’m drinking home-made banana milk-shake!)

iPod News: In the news today we see Dapizz being very surprised by the fact that he, after listening to over 6 hours of music on his iPod Touch, has hardly lost any battery, still with more than half left. LOL…3rd Person. If you were expecting to get some App recommendations Im afraid you will have to be disappointed today. I haven’t been on the Internet for ages (seems to me).

Sorry, I have to finish, Bye

Dapizz – 😀

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