Daily Archives: 05/08/2010

I can’t think of a title!

I’m at my friends house surprisingly! I’m watching football, Liverpool FC versus RAB (I don’t know who they are…it’s the UEFA) and it’s two-nil to Liverpool! I support them so that’s good. In the next post I will hopefully be able to show you some pictures of some crazy New Super Mario Bros. Wii achievements me and my friend have achieved. If you have the game or have played on it do you know what happens when Mario gets 99 lives? I do. Comment if you know! If you actually look at the posts I put on here. Maybe…just maybe I should start being a bit more positive when it comes to how many people read this blog!
From now on I am, as I said, positive!
Everybody looks here don’t they! I actually have about 846,826,382 hits and the hit counter is just 100% wrong! I am the most famous blogger in the world! Yippee!
But I’m not that famous, do not have loads if hits and the hit counter is perfectly functional! Hmph!
Oh well…
PS: We’re going to win the match!