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Those Pictures

Here’s the pictures I was on about in my last post.


Cool! 43 hits already, (sarcastically) not that my other site has over 1500 or anything! The reason I say AAHH is because that site I was on about earlier (bomb-mp3.com) is driving me nuts. All of the files I look at either:

  1. Are Corrupt
  2. Don’t Work
  3. Wrong Format
  4. Happen To Be A Totally Unknown Remix (That’s Terrible)
  5. Get (For No Apparent Reason) Rejected By iTunes
  6. Are Strangely Zero Seconds Long
  7. Something Else…

So usually I have to go through about 3 pages of search results, clicking on and testing each one (by which time I’m hopping around screaming at our crap laptop (32-bit Windows Vista Home Basic on a Dell Inspiron 1501 in case you wanted to know) and verging on totally forgetting about Bomb MP3! I have tried looking on other sites but they just never seem as simple or just don’t understand how to make a good website and successfully put accessible MP3s on them. Grrr! Maybe I should just be like any normal victim of ripping-off and go and buy it on iTunes Store or 7Digital. Yes…But, No, That would cost far too much seeing as it is a rip-off! Why can’t I just have free music?!

Moving on, I have downloaded a really cool new App for my iPod Touch. It’s calld iSimples and it’s all about the Compare The Market/Meerkat. Basically in the UK (Possibly US as well, I don’t know) there is a comany that compares Car Insurance prices for people. However, someone maybe once miss-typed it Compare The Meerkat in Google or something. Anyway, somebody noticed and made a huge thing about it. Now, if you type comparethemeerkat.com in the address bar you will get what you get if you click here, but, if you put in comparethemarket.com you will get, surprise surprise, what you get if you click here. On the Meerkat one you can, funnily enough, compare Meerkats, on the other, Car Insurance. Now there are adverts on TV with a talking meerkat getting stressy because his Meerkat Comparing Site is crashing because there are too many people on it looking for cheap Car Insurance! He has a few other things he complains about too…here are a few pictures of the App!

(Nope, there aren’t any pictures. Crap computer + WordPress being so picky with pictures = No pictures in this post. Will add another post with the pictures direct from iPod soon.)

UUMM? That’s all realy, Post Soon! 😀

PS: Pease comment even if just to say Hi. 😀