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(I’m Not Here!)

More music messing about stuff!

IGNOR…Or right click and save if you want the song…


I don’t want to separate my tags with commas, I’m on an iPod touch key board. I can’t constantly change from one keyboard to the other, look!

Look at the two pics!

Cool…Free Music

For a change I’m posting from my iPod that I always go on about! I have found, you see, a site where you can download any famous song or track totally free. There isn’t really a download in the first place, you can just save it to your hard-drive or where ever. The site is called BombMP3 and the URL is http://www.bomb-mp3.com. Here is a little widget that plays a random song I picked, if the code they gave me is valid. Let’s see:

Well I can tell you now, the code is about, literally, fifteen times as long as I thought but then again there are a lot of images and stuff in a player. I can’t see what it looks like here because I am in the editor but I will see it soon.

Please comment if you liked the linked site.

PS: you may be wandering how to actually download the file/MPEG. Well you find a song you like in the search and click on the title, it will link you to the songs page. When it has loaded you will see a download button, which is plain red text with a small arrow next to it. I personally prefer to use Google Chrome for this specific task, but I think most other browsers work. : / Use Chrome if not. Oh, you may have to enter a code thing to unlock the download button, you know, the fuzzy, distorted letter thing. Anyway, right click that button and click ‘Save Target As’ or on Chrome, ‘Save Link As’. A window will come up, as save window, and you must save the file just by it’s name. Make sure, however, that the file type is MPEG. If not, go back to search and click one that is basically the same. Bye! 😀