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How’s all of those non-existent people out there who read this blog (Not that it’s really a blog because I only post about once a month!). Anyway, I am bored so I thought I would post something on here for a change. I am randomly going to write about iPads, iPod Touches and iPhones. If you do not like them for some absurdly weird reason please go away and don’t leave horrible comments (Well you can waste your time writing a really long, insulting and point-making comment but I will probably delete it and no-one will ever know. I could even change it so it says how cool I am or something but that’s just what gays do so I won’t.

More to the point, Apple Touch Screen Family. I have an 8GB version of the iPod Touch which I love and constantly download Apps onto, at least one a day, so I will give some random iTouch App recomendations:

GodFinger- You may have heard of this game as it was in the top 10 free game downloads list for a long time and I think it may still be. Basically you are the God of a little planet, very much a copied idea from PocketGod I suspect. Bad, bad ngmoco:). Unfortunately it is a lot less destructive and you cannot kill people on your planet (You can Electro-storm them or attempt to drown them but they will always survive!) but for some people that want a free, good-graphics game that is addictive and has a progression feature then it is just perfect. The images and graphics have been upgraded and changed twice in App Updates on this current date, and the software has been enabled with iOS4 feature, Multi-Tasking.

DropZap – This is a cool, great sound affects puzzle game which has sadly become a paid App. When I downloaded the App it was a free game but it has changed, as I said. Even the download price is not bad though, for the quality of the game and idea behind it, relying on the fact that you know how to play the game properly. It is not as simple as it may look here:

It is more a block-shrinking game to be honest. You have to download it really to understand. However if you don’t have any iTouch product you can play a demo game on their site. Check it out, it’s free!

WordPress – This is a great way to edit and post on your WordPress blog and I, personally, don’t think you could beat it. It is free as far as I know and if it isn’t then we need to complain! That’s all I really have to say!

Remote – This is one of Apple’s own Apps on the Store and it is great. If you have a wireless network, iTunes on your PC or Mac and the App, all you need to do is connect them both to the network, get a connection to your device and go ahead. It has the ability to pause, play, skip, go back, adjust volume and play any music in your computers iTunes library. If you want more help or information click here.

iBooks – Another of Apple, Inc.’s Apps, iBoks is great. Based on the Amazon Kindle it lets you read and buy books from most popular/famous writers. It contains a really cool store which has an awesome animation when you flip from bookshelf to store. It has boosted the number of Apple Official Stores from 2 to 3, there being the App Store, iTunes Store and now iBookStore.

Mr. Space!! – This is an incredibly awesome game where you are a little 2D stick man who as to run into gaps before he is crushed. You have 3 lives and each time you escape being crushed it counts as 1 ‘stage’. After you have died 3 times your scores will be added up into one total which you can then add to your high scores and if you think it’s amazingly good, upload it to the world-wide leader board. It’s dangerously addicting and once you open the App you probably won’t close it for another 30 minutes at least unless you have to, and even then it’s very hard.

This picture was taken on my iPod and was uploaded. The ceiling is just about to come down trapping him in the little hole, meaning he has escaped. I, as you can see, am on stage two. My record at the moment is 95th stage! Thanks goes to Ponos Corp. for bringing us this great App.

I’m afraid that’s all I can be bothered to type up today but here are some names you can look up if you want some cool Apps:

  • Doodle Bomb
  • Jailbreaker – Does not Jaibreak device!
  • Dash of Colour
  • Flip It
  • Google Earth
  • 18,000 Cool Jokes Free – Limited to 10 jokes a day until you pay.
  • Heart Radio – For UK Only.
  • Spawn Lite/Glow
  • Trism
  • Facebook – If you have an account.
  • Tap Tap Revenge
  • All Storm8 MMO’s
  • A lot, lot more…

Thanks for reading if you are still.