1 Tonne of Graphics

Welcome, Graphic-Liking Person,

You’ve probably clicked a link to here hoping to find lots of awesome graphics by ME! Well, I’m going to…not disappoint you! This is the place where all the graphics I upload will go! In fact, they may appear even before I’ve posted them on the actual blog! How cool is that! Sneak-peek pre-release viewings! Well, you probably really want to skip this and go strait to the graphics but:


Most of the images below wont entirely fit on in the webpage and will look like they’ve been chopped in half! They haven’t! Most likely they are a wallpaper size or just a really big picture! All of my wallpapers are 1280 px. by 800 px. so they fit perfect for my computer screen. If you want to know how big your screen is apparently you can go to Google Images>Advanced Search>Fit Screen and then copy the dimensions of what you get. I have only heard about this, but if you have Hypercam, open it up, click “Select Region”, select the entire screen and copy what it tells you. If you want the whole picture (for wallpapers definitely) simply click it and then right click and click “Save Picture As”. Also if it’s a wallpaper when you save click “All Files” in the lower drop-down menu and put “.jpg” on the end of the name. This will make sure you can use it as a wallpaper. Anyway, the pictures…

Group 1: iPhone/iPod Touch lock screen backgrounds:

Sorry, thought I had more than 3! 😐

Group 2: Wallpapers (1280 px. by 800 px.)

Group 3: 800 px. by 600 px. (The Dapizz Size):

Group 4: Random Sizes:

I think that’s all really. I did leave out banners but if you want a look at them look in the sidebar. Thanks for looking at this page and please comment! None of the brush content credit goes to me. All to Brusheezy Members who submitted brushes and other various companies around the internet! Thanks again…

Dapizz – 😀

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